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Product description - is a user-friendly resource for genealogy search based on various factors, but especially good for those who do not have much information at hand other than a general location. 

As an offshoot of the hugely popular and successful, is already recognized as one of the most qualitative sites among the genealogy industry online. Launched only in 2006 by Paul Allen and team - the same founder-members of - is already a respected and renowned entity by itself. As on 10 October 2011[1] had more than 30,000 subscribers.  On 21 November 2011 acquired[2] and, which is their 7th acquisition since 2007. Immediately following the acquisition, has a byline saying ‘A MyHeritage Company’ under its logo in the rightside top corner. has received many awards in recognition of its exceptional quality and user-friendliness from Alexa, Genealogy Magazine and Best Family Sites among others. The Alexa traffic rank for is 64,392, which indicates that the website gets many visitors, out of which about 49.3% are from the USA[3].

Top features you will find offered by

Among the best facilities offered by are:

-      Unrestricted access to a huge network of 11,000 databases that have  more than 1.3 billion records

-      Offers a wide range of search records such as land and parish records, census records, immigration lists, vital records, among many others.

-      Wide range of search parameters which to help you classify the information available  fast, i.e. Given name/ Family name/ Lived in/ Keyword/ year/ US databases only

-      Databases coverage spreads to more than 12 countries, and 42 international providers of records of family history. Some of the active database partners are Archive CD Books Australia, Archive CD Books Canada, Archive CD Books USA, British Origins, Dundurn Books, Eneclann, Everton Publishers, E-Yearbook, FamilySearch, Find My Past, Immigrant Ships Transcribers’ Guild, Newspaper Archives, Quintin Publications and The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc

-      Free highly informative monthly genealogy newsletter

-      Easy-to-use online tutorials that help you make the best use of the offered features and supporting technology

-      Dedicated helplines with staff that are well trained to answer any type of query regarding genealogy research and/ or

-      Facility to access and organize records by country, US state and region

-      Easy access to a huge number of inspiring and guiding articles written by who-is-who in the genealogy industry

-      Access to store that sells a number of genealogy related tools and products

-      7-day free trial to get a taste of what this site offers without any financial implications

-      30-day money-back guarantee if does not meet your full satisfaction

Since it is not as pricey as its parent site – – and it is loaded with features and information, seems to be a good choice.

Have a look at the main website of  

[2], November 21, 2011 News - MyHeritage Acquires and to Enter US Market 

[3] – Statistics Summary for  -

World Vital Records: What makes it different?

You must already be aware that is an independent offshoot of the already famous and hugely successful  The same founders (majority of them) have put in their efforts and mind to carve a niche in the genealogy industry for and it looks like they have succeeded.

Of course, the success of the newer version of would have to be a little different and definitely better, if it should hope for success. And different it is; here are some of the top factors by which stands apart from its ‘parent-like site’: 

  • Uses geo-coding technology – though this is not the first-time when a site used such technology, is definitely the first to apply it to ALL the records in its databases. With this technology you not get to see the location on the map (where you can even zoom in), but also compare it to its neighborhoods. It also allows to follow trails of migration over time.
  • Highly affordable - is less costlier than its now rival –
  • Better customer service – with its online tutorials and dedicated telephone lines, customer services is better than most of its rivals
  • Largest number of databases and records – there might be very few other genealogy sites that offer such a vast number of databases and records to search
  • Database includes a huge collection of yearbook – not many genealogy sites offer yearbooks information. Here you get more than 8,000 yearbook of military, high school and college.
  • Monthly newsletter - offers a very informative monthly newsletter, which feels like a bonus
  • Custom-made filters for easy searching - offers the facility to organize available records by year range, state, county and even zip code.
  • Huge Canadian database – you will find here a huge database with family history in Canada based on 1871 Census; there are some 400,000 records placed at your disposal here.
World Vital Records vs. primary competitors (sites similar to World Vital Records) Vs Main Competitors - When comparing and you need to keep in mind that these companies share the same founders and is old and very popular. [Note: is now subsidiaries of][1] 

Its seniority is reflected in the fact that it has about one million paying subscribers with access to more than 7 billion records[2]. On the other hand, the 6 year company, already boasts of more than 30,000 paid subscribers and some 1.3 billion records worldwide. 

Some of the advantages over its competition, are:

1. Cost - price per year is $90 while charges $156.

2. Sources and database - offers access to Cemetery/ Grave stone records, land records, social security records and yearbook records where does not. On the other hand, offers will records, war records, emigration records and court records, which are not available with

3. 7-days free trial - offers 7-days free trial while offers only 4-days free trial.

4. Support features - offers additional three more support features. There are dedicated phone lines, online tips and hints and online self serve features.

The disadvantages are:

1. No family tree software - has no family tree building software, which means you will have to look up this feature in some other genealogy site.

2. The support is not exactly as good as it claims – it is difficult to get through the helpline telephone lines; sometimes, you find yourself on hold for 2-3 minutes. There is an email option; this takes about 24 hours to provide an answer.

Geni .com – this is a site which uses networking to its utmost advantage. While and connect to various databases, forms a collaborative genealogy platform. As a result, it has more than 100 million profiles, 60 million of which are interconnected through the innovation – the Genis’ World Family Tree. provides unrestricted access to more than 4.2 billion records worldwide, while offers about 100 million. On the other hand provides free access if you sign up for the basic profile, while charges an affordable fee. Geni Pro – the paid membership version – charges $59.40 for one year subscription and $95.04 for two years subscription; for lifetime subscription, the fee charged by Beni Pro is $299[3]

The advantage of over Geni is that it offers better support though dedicated landline phones, email, online self serve features, among others.

[1] – Modern Software Experience – MyHeritage buys FamilyLink -

[2] -

World Vital Records: Pricing & packages

Pricing charges an affordable fee from its members.  There is of course, a free trial period for seven days. You need to cancel if you do not plan to extend and pay for the service.  The rest of the fees are as follows: 

For Membership within the USA

  • Monthly fees - $5.95
  • Annual fees - $3.33 

In this case you as a customer will have enjoy the following features and benefits: 

  • Unlimited access to the US databases
  • Unlimited access to more than 800 million ancestral names within US

For Membership Worldwide

  • Monthly fees – $14.95
  • Annual fee - $9.95

In this case you as a customer will have enjoy the following features and benefits: 

  • All the benefits offered to members within the USA and
  • Unrestricted access to more than 1.2 billion ancestral names
  • Unrestricted access to all records available in their database from all over the world allows you to start for free, but you have to sign up for the paid services if you really mean business.  The prices are steep, but the features, number of records and support are well-deserving. Most people feel that the prices charged by are far too steep, though you will get enough voices to defend this stand and/ or justify it quoting the features it offers. The bottom line remains that in spite of it being a very reputed company, the fees are still too high.

For Membership within the USA 

  1. 14-Day Free Trial [You must cancel the free trial, or you will be billed by default after 14 days]
  2. US Deluxe Annual Membership - $155.40
  3. US Deluxe Membership for three months -  $50.85
  4. US Deluxe Monthly Membership -  $19.95

 For Membership Worldwide

  1. World Deluxe Annual Membership - $299.40
  2. World Deluxe Membership for three months - $83.85
  3. World Deluxe Monthly Membership - $29.95 – as mentioned earlier, is an amazing genealogy site that offers its basic services for free. Anyone can use the databases; however, in the free version always some search command will be disabled, which will require you to switch to Geni Pro, which is a paid site. They do not have a USA and worldwide tariff; rather they charge fees as under:

  • Annual subscription for 1 year – $59.40
  • Two years subscription – $95.40
  • Lifetime subscription - $299.00

One thing is exceptionally good with is that it is very popular on the Alexa worldwide ranking, i.e 7,400, while its counterpart, is yet to make its mark. is very simple to search and has a very simple questionnaire. 

World Vital Records: Product images & screenshots
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World Vital Records: Customer reviews & comments

Customer reviews & feedback 

In short is a good option over because it is cheaper, has introduced a highly innovative technology and it is growing very fast. It is growing rapidly and under the aegis of MyHeritage, it will provide even better features and facilities.  

When compared to, the price tag works against favor. This is because the fact remains that you could use to start your family tree – for free, at least initially. However, has too large a database and also excellent support service. It has also been acquired by one of the leading sites, hence, it is expected that you will see much more from it in the near future. 

Some of the reviews and comments people shared on the Internet are as under: 

"World Vital Records has the best website out there. It’s fun to connect with other members and they have so many records, I’ll be keeping busy with my research for months." By Isobel on November 22, 2009


"I like this list - it is in Date Added order, and alphabetical within the date order.  Looking at the list, they added on 5 May 2011:

*  A number of small city and large City Directories (but not entire collections).
*  Official Army Registers for 1856-1969 (not every year, but most)
*  Parish Registers from many English counties (not complete, they are printed transcriptions)
*  Many miscellaneous English books about families and records"


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Scam Alert! World Vita Recrds has dubious business practices, they will get you with sneaky auto-charges! Even if you sign up for a free trial you will agree in fine print to aditional charges unless you cancel, and good luck with that!!

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